What Does Freedom Mean To You?

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

Yesterday, here in the United States of America, we celebrated our Independence Day, often referred to simply as “The 4th of July.”  The USA prides itself on being “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”  We, Americans, often talk about the freedom with which we live in our country and the freedoms that are written into our constitution. And The 4th of July is all about celebrating our freedom here in the USA.

But what does “freedom” really mean to you? What does it mean for you to be free? Whether you are American or not, freedom may mean something completely different to you as it does to me, as it might to your parents or siblings or neighbors. Freedom is such a subjective word and I think it is important that we define it for ourselves, rather than participating in the society-defined version of freedom.

This is an exercise in challenging your beliefs. Redefining our beliefs is one of the keys to living a joy-filled life. When we accept and live by beliefs that aren’t truly aligned with our actual values, we create a lot of tension and dis-ease. On the contrary, when we examine our values and rewrite our beliefs to be in line with those values, we create a life that flows with ease and is full of joy.

When I think about what it means for me to be free, I’m thinking about what allows me to be me. Freedom means that I can be my most authentic version of myself without judgement or critique or restriction. 

It means that I am free from having to conform to anyone else’s idea of who I am supposed to be or how I am supposed to live my unique life. Freedom means being free of limitations in health and finances. And it means that I can wake up each day and choose how I want to spend my time and my energy. 

While freedom might seem like being able to travel around in an RV and live a location-independent life. The heart of the matter is that it is about being able to create any version of life that I desire for myself.

Ultimately, freedom is being able to live from a place of love rather than a place of fear. So much of our world encourages us to live in fear: fear of war, fear of not being or having enough, fear of being ill, and fear of dying. When I can instead choose to live from a place of love, love for myself, love for others, and love for our planet, that is when I truly feel free.

A life of freedom is a life of joy-filled liberation!

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