My migraines have virtually disappeared!

I’d been a longtime migraine sufferer and once I began working with Marcelle and adopted the Paleo way of eating, my migraines have virtually disappeared. I’ve found that I could quit taking prevention medications that I had been on for years. In the past, I’d tried acupuncture, Botox, and various medications to prevent or relieve migraines with only limited success. Her approach to eliminate potential triggers that may be compounding on each other worked!

Marcelle listened to my issues and developed a plan that would work for me. She is well-informed and intelligent about the Paleo way of eating. It was easy to trust her since she had also been a migraine sufferer and found help with Paleo.

Through working with Marcelle, I am now nearly migraine free and no longer have to think about when the next one may come. And I’ve even lost some weight! It used to seem the weather change was my big trigger, but now I don’t worry about the weather!

In just 12 weeks, Marcelle has given me the tools I need to continue on the path we created.  I would absolutely recommend working with Marcelle to others who suffer from migraines!