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Onion Sarza

Tastes of Perú: Onion Sarza

While traveling in Perú, I often found that the servings of vegetables were smaller than I would have liked. There were a few restaurants in the Cusco area that really helped fill my need for fresh veggies (read more about Peruvian restaurants in my ebook). Fortunately, this Onion Sarza popped up as a sort of garnish on …

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Sweet or Savory Plantains

Tastes of Perú: Sweet or Savory Plantains

Traveling to Perú was as much  a culinary adventure as it was a mystical adventure. I absolutely loved getting to taste and smell the flavors of Perú! Interestingly, the Peruvian diet was fairly easy for me to adapt to my food preferences (read more about navigating the Peruvian cuisine with dietary restrictions in my ebook). One …

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