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Pemmican The Ultimate Travel Food

Pemmican: The Ultimate Travel Food

I first learned about Pemmican when I began ordering my high-quality meats from US Wellness Meats  I noticed it under their “Paleo” section and it sounded interesting. When a food sounds interesting I’m pretty much destined to not only try it, but usually to become very fond of it. I ordered a few of these Pemmican …

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Sweet or Savory Plantains

Tastes of Perú: Sweet or Savory Plantains

Traveling to Perú was as much  a culinary adventure as it was a mystical adventure. I absolutely loved getting to taste and smell the flavors of Perú! Interestingly, the Peruvian diet was fairly easy for me to adapt to my food preferences (read more about navigating the Peruvian cuisine with dietary restrictions in my ebook). One …

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