The Powerful Benefits of Group Coaching

The Powerful Benefits of Group Coaching

As a Transformational Nutrition Coach I absolutely love working with clients one-on-one because nutrition guidance is such a personalized experience. We are all incredibly unique. And our nutrition needs are just as unique. Being able to provide one-on-one guidance allows for some serious transformation to take place because everything is dialed in to your needs. That being said, I have also become familiar with some of the powerful benefits of group coaching, of which there are many! 

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching typically involves a group of people with similar goals being guided by one or multiple coaches at the same time. There is usually an online community aspect where everyone can benefit from everyone else’s experience. Sometimes this is coupled with individual phone or email support. Information is delivered to the group around the like-minded goals with action steps allowing each person to make the experience their own. Motivation and support run high because of the shared energy of the whole group.

The Powerful Benefits of Group Coaching

  • Group coaching costs less per person than one-on-one coaching. This makes valuable information and support more accessible to all.
  • The shared goal(s) of the group foster instant community and support for success. Not only are you receiving support from the coach, you are also receiving support from the rest of the community.  Everyone is working together to achieve their goal(s). This can be incredibly motivating! 
  • Working with a group allows for each individual to benefit from everyone else’s experiences, struggles, and successes. This is huge! Maybe someone has a question you hadn’t thought of that gets answered in the group.  Or someone shares a strategy for getting through a block that you are facing. More minds = more power!
  • Accountability! For all of you “Obligers” out there or anyone who knows they perform better when someone is watching, this is a benefit that is multiplied by group coaching. Not only are you being held accountable by the coach(es), the entire group is here to help hold each other accountable! 
  • Community is everything! Being a part of a community of like-minded individuals with a shared goal is an incredible feeling. Habit change becomes a much more doable process when we surround ourselves with others who are working to create change. The motivation is contagious! The support of the group helps to balance out any “less than supportive” individuals in your life who may not be totally on board with the changes you are making (yet!). 

Take the Primal Plunge!
90 Days of Group Coaching

If you are liking the idea of group coaching then I would like to invite you to consider taking the Primal Plunge on Jan. 21, 2019!

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