Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie

It’s time for another protein smoothie recipe! Smoothies are a fantastic way to get a lot of nutrients into the body in a refreshing way.  It’s almost summer and it’s starting to heat up here in California! Smoothies are also a great tool for when we are having trouble digesting foods. The act of literally puréeing your food in a blender takes a lot of the work out of the digestion process. Assuming you don’t overload it with sugar (and even sugary fruits), smoothies can be a really powerful healing tool.  This Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie is not overloaded with sugar or fruit, it’s packed with protein, and it includes the added benefits of veggies and superfoods like spirulina and cacao!

Recently I have found myself in a bit of a macronutrient conundrum. My pancreas is not secreting a sufficient amount of enzymes to help me break down food properly. I’m having the most difficulty with digesting fats properly.  This is a bummer because my diet has consisted of about 60-80% fat for the past few years. It’s time to do a major overhaul on my macronutrient ratios to give my pancreas a chance to recover.

When I started actually monitoring my ratios I also discovered that I’m not eating nearly enough protein for someone who swims as often and intensely as I do.  When I first realized this, I thought, no big deal, I can totally eat more meat and fish. What I didn’t realize was how much fat meat and fish contain. Not to mention that meat, in particular, can be difficult to digest.  What’s my pancreas to do?

Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching protein-rich food sources and ways to add more protein to my diet without adding more fat (since I’m actively trying to reduce my fat intake while my pancreas heals). One of the easiest and most digestible forms of protein is collagen.  Collagen is already in a powder form. Broken down = easier to digest. It is also low-calorie which is helpful if you are trying to lose weight or are in need of significantly more protein but not necessarily more calories.

Throwing a collagen powder into a smoothie recipe results in one of the most easily digestible, protein-rich meals I can come up with. I love this Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie because it also tastes amazing and is incredibly satisfying.  

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Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie

(Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free)

Prep time: 5 minutes

Serves 1


*I like to use frozen banana and zucchini because it gives it a creamier consistency. It helps to chop them into smaller pieces before you freeze them.  Store in a sealed container or bag to keep fresh.


  • Add the ingredients to your blender and blend on high until smooth
  • Option to pour it into a bowl and top with more cacao nibsshredded coconut, or grain-free granola and eat it smoothie bowl style.
  • Sit back and relax while you enjoy this Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie!

Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie 2

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments or if you try this recipe, I love hearing from you! Spread the Love and share this recipe with someone!

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