Mind & Body Nourishment in New Orleans

Mind & Body Nourishment in New Orleans

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New Orleans is one of those cities that offers a lot of culture, history, entertainment and good food. It is hard to be at a loss for things to do and places to eat. While it may conjure up the image of booze and bead-riddled streets on Mardi Gras, New Orleans really has so much more going for it. 

I was quite impressed with the diversity of things to do as well as the amount of live music happening all the time (warms my soul). And it’s not all fried shrimp and beignets in the kitchen! There are a lot of excellent healthy food options to choose from, especially if you love fresh seafood! 

With the warm sun and the abundance of water, it is a beautiful place to spend time outdoors and grounding into the earth. There are so many wonderful green spots to take a break from all of your sight-seeing or to walk off some of that lunch.

Whether it is your first time visiting or you are a New Orleans local, here are my 7 recommendations for Mind & Body Nourishment in New Orleans!

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930 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130


Louisianna Cochon

Cochon is a very Paleo friendly restaurant. The menu is full of well curated dishes revolving around pork with the Louisiana homestyle flair. The chefs make a concerted effort to source ingredients locally and to get back to traditional methods in the kitchen. The menu is very creative with interesting dishes like rabbit and dumplings, fried livers, fried alligator, and Louisiana Cochon.  It is definitely a popular spot as there was a line out the door by the time we left (hint, make a reservation!). And if you indulge in fine whiskey they pride themselves on being a whiskey bar, too. 

Meals From The Heart Cafe

1100 N. Peters St. #13, New Orleans, LA 70116


Take a stroll down the very old French Market and have a meal at Meals From The Heart Cafe in the farmers market section. Everything here can be made vegan and gluten-free! You know it’s fresh and made to order (good food takes time) but you have plenty to entertain you in the market as you wait. I loved finding this little gem amongst all the less-than-optimal choices in the market. The people who work here are so friendly and very conscious of food allergies. Everything on their menu looks delicious, but their GF pancakes and crab cakes are what they’re “known for”.

Meals from the Heart Cafe

enVie Espresso Bar & Cafe

1241 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70116 & 308 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70130


enVie cafe

Free Wi-Fi and really good coffee, a combination that is hard to beat for a tired tourist or a digital nomad! This is a casual coffeehouse that also has a decent selection of food items. It’s indoors and provides an escape from the heat and humidity. It’s got a little bit of that hipster feeling but is not too pricey. Located right in the French Quarter, this was recommended by a local who said that all the Europeans love this NOLA coffeehouse best. 

Marigny Brasserie

640 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA 70116


Local ingedients, local flair. That is the motto at Marigny Brasserie.  If you are in the mood for good food and good jams on Frenchmen St., this is the place to be! They have a very lively atmosphere, awesome artwork adorning the walls, and extra friendly service. There menu appears to be typical American food, but it is presented with far more creativity than they let on.  With a very full entertainment calendar, this is a fun place to have dinner with local entertainment any night of the week!

Marigny Brasserie
Catch of the Day - Mahi Mahi!

Fontainebleau State Park

62883 Hwy. 1089, Mandeville, LA 70448

Louisianna State Parks – Fontainbleau

Fontainebleau State Park

Just a short drive across an epic bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, is this beautiful state park! It is an excellent repreive from the hustle and bustle of the city. Full of lots of greenery, hiking trails, and a beautiful beach, there is plenty of nature here to fill your cup. I highly recommend bringing a picnic lunch (see below) and a blanket and taking some time to reconnect with the earth. The earth is what provides us with the energy we need to live out our life. It’s amazing how energizing it is to spend a day in honor and gratitude for her beauty.

It’s Another Beautiful Day

1709 N. Causeway Blvd., Mandeville, LA 70471


Ah, there is nothing as refreshing as a freshly made salad with all those veggies! It’s Another Beautiful Day (love that name) is like a little piece of heaven when you are traveling in the south and are over the deep fried foods. This is located just a few minutes from Fontainebleau State Park (see above) making it the perfect place to grab a picnic lunch to-go or to refresh and refuel after the park. The ladies working the lunch counter are so kind and work hard to make you the most delicious and fresh lunch. This adorable health food store has been around for 40 years! I just love it when good food meets supporting local small businesses.

another beautiful day
Turkey salad

The National World War II Museum


945 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130


National WWII Museum

This was an incredibly well put together Museum, startling in its size and ability to educate the visitor on many aspects of the US involvement in World War II. History is nourishing to the soul in that it has a strong ability to create more empathy. Knowledge creates more understanding and understanding leads to greater compassion. It is so important to be aware of what has happened in history so that it doesn’t repeat itslef. This is an amazing memorial to a piece of history that should never be forgotten. The attention to detail put forth by this museum was incredible!

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