Mind & Body Nourishment in Palm Desert

Mind & Body Nourishment in Palm Desert

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My family has been visiting Palm Desert, CA every winter for as long as I can remember.  It has become one of my favorite places to go after the holidays to warm up, recharge, and soak up some Cali sunshine.  One of my favorite things about this area is how progressive it is when it comes to eating real food that is locally sourced and made with love.  There are so many amazing places to dine here, it would be difficult to write about them all.  I’ve chosen a few to highlight based on my most recent experience in the area, aiming for a good variety for you to choose from.  Additionally, Palm Desert is geographically a wonderful place to connect with the earth and really show your mind and body some love, beyond food.  The abundant sunshine just invites you to be outside every day. The community is very active and outdoorsy so there is always something physical to do.  Lastly, it is a very artsy area with lots of performing and visual arts to really stimulate your creative side and elevate your good vibes!

Palm Desert is a lovely place to fill your body, mind, and spirit with love and positive energy. This list is by no means complete, so to get you started, here are 8 spots worth recommending based on their ability to nourish both the body and the mind. Whether it is your first time or you are a Palm Desert local, take the time to nourish yourself in this rejuvenating oasis!


Cork Tree California Cuisine

74950 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260


Cork Tree
Chef’s 36-Hour Pork Shank

I’ve had the pleasure of dining at the Cork Tree a couple of times and it does not disappoint!  This is definitely a higher-end restaurant that is well worth the meal you will receive.  I’m always impressed by how accommodating their staff is to food sensitivities.  They are happy to help you find something on the menu that fits your preference, even if it means combining different parts of two or three dishes.  They stay true to their name of “California Cuisine” with local flavors as well as local sourcing of ingredients, when possible.  If you are looking for a lovely evening out with a delectable meal and beautiful presentation, Cork Tree is a foodie favorite! 

Bowl of Heaven

36891 Cook Street, Suite 9, Palm Desert, CA 92211


Inspired by the flavors and nutrition of Hawaiian açai bowls, this place totally lives up to its name! Heaven in a bowl! They don’t use any dairy in their blends, just real, super fruits and veggies to maximize nutrient yumminess.  They have plenty of topping options so that you can customize your bowl to fit your desire and preference.  They sandwich their bowls with their organic hemp seed granola so you get the crunch at the beginning and the end.  

If you don’t eat oats, they will happily substitute a totally paleo granola at no cost (!). They have quite a large selection of bowls and smoothies as well as juices, something for everyone!  If the desert heat is getting to you, hop over to Bowl of Heaven for a cool and refreshing treat you can feel so good about!   

They have 9 locations in CA, 1 in Utah and 1 in Wisconsin, too!


JW Marriott Desert Springs Spa and Spa Bistro

74-855 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260


Admittedly, I am not in the habit of spending money at fancy spas.  However, I must admit that there is something to be said for investing in a day of self-care.  Sometimes a little luxury, like a spa day, and being immersed in total relaxation can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being.  Not to mention the physical benefits!  This facility is truly top-notch and is fully equipped with steam rooms, a lap pool, hot tubs, and more.  The Spa Bistro is a perfect place to nosh on a healthy snack or light meal while you are in between relaxing experiences.  The staff here are warm and welcoming, always making you feel totally at home and at ease.  Take the opportunity to book a massage or other treatment and receive complimentary access to the whole facility for the day.  Or do like I do and just chill in the sweet luxury of the steam rooms and sunshine for the day, letting all of your cares float away. Ahhh….

High Desert Healthy Food & Drink Experience

Yucca Valley, CA


Can I interest you in participating in making the most delectable, healthy, and French-inspired meal? If so, then I very highly recommend checking out this High Desert Healthy Food & Drink Experience with Erica (through Airbnb Experiences).  This is not exactly in Palm Desert but it is more than worth the drive. You will spend the evening in the surrounding mountains learning kitchen skills and the elements to crafting a fine-dining experience from Erica, a French-trained chef!  Erica is so jubilant and well-spoken and she is a wonderful teacher!  She totally personalizes the experience to meet your needs and desires. Whether it is a food that is off-limits or something, in particular, you want to learn, she is very accommodating and such a fun lady to spend the evening with!  I really enjoyed learning some proper knife skills and techniques to expand my repertoire in the kitchen. Oh, and the meal we made, while it seemed so simple, was absolutely out of this world! This was a perfectly engaging way to combine learning about food with eating (really yummy) food!

Domo Sushi

73-655 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260


I have loved sushi for as long as I can remember!  Cutting out rice as part of my personal healing diet meant switching to sashimi when I went out for sushi.  Fortunately, the raw fish was always my favorite part of the sushi experience so it didn’t phase me too much.  I’ve found that a lot of sushi chefs are happy to make rolls for you without rice, particularly hand rolls if you just ask.  

So imagine my surprise when I walk into Domo Sushi, a brand new restaurant in Palm Desert, and one of the first things the waitress says is that they can make any of their signature rolls without rice. Sweet!!! Not only will they make it without rice, they actually use more of the seafood to fill out the roll!  (Disclaimer: they do charge a nominal amount for this but come on, more raw fish is totally worth it!)  Everything here tasted very fresh and the service was outstanding!  

Thai Smile

73725 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260


I am generally more cautious about eating many Asian-inspired cuisines because there are so many unknowns in their ingredients, particularly the sauces.  It is a little less straightforward than a steak and vegetables or a bunless burger.  When I can find a place like Thai Smile, I get super excited because I love international cuisines!  They are so transparent with their ingredients and the chef is willing to make just about anything on their menu gluten-free if it isn’t already.  One thing that is great about Thai food, in particular, is they use so many vegetables!  It is a wonderful way to experience vegetables in a new way.  Variety is the spice of life!  I love the food here, and even more, I love being able to enjoy it without the fear of consuming gluten!

McCallum Theater

73000 Fred Waring Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260


For me (and many others), music plays a huge role in nourishing the mind, body, & spirit.  I could go on and on about the health benefits that people gain from sharing music because the list is practically endless.  At the top of that list would be something about the way that your soul is elevated by participating in something you love and enjoy.  Music has a way of transporting us to another place and that can be absolutely cathartic and healing.  

This is why I’m including the McCallum Theater on this list of nourishing places in Palm Desert!  The McCallum Theater is not only a fantastic venue with its great acoustics and intimate atmosphere, they also bring in the most amazing and diverse performances!  Whether you enjoy jazz, classical, pop, dance, theater, or something in between, they are likely to have an act on their calendar that will suit you!  Dance & sing, let the music move you!

Hiking Trails

Coachella Valley, CA


hikingThere are plenty of great trail hikes to do in the Palm Desert and surrounding area of the Coachella Valley.  If you love to hike, getting up into the hills gives you some fantastic views of the valley and it’s a great way to work up a serious appetite!  I love hiking as a form of exercise because it is such a great way to connect with Mother Earth and tune into all of your senses as you escape from the busyness of life for a while.  Please remember that you are in the desert!  Be prepared with the proper clothing, plenty of water, and watch out for snakes!  Ground down to lift your spirit up <3


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Mind & Body Nourishment in Palm Desert


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