Want Better Health?

Want Better Health? Here’s One Thing Most Health Experts Agree On

For over 5 years, I have been studying and experimenting with using nutrition for finding optimal health. I have read countless books, followed blogs by esteemed health professionals, and used myself as a guinea pig. I have had hundreds of discussions about what is the best protocol/diet/method for healing the body and mind with food. Through all of this I have found one common thread that I truly believe is the answer to better health. 

Whether you are dealing with a weight concern, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines, digestive upset, fatigue, depression, anxiety, a thyroid condition, diabetes, a skin condition, or any of the other chronic conditions that appear to be plaguing our society, there is one thing that most health experts agree on. If we want better health, we must eliminate processed foods! Or what I often refer to as “frankenfoods”.

What are Frankenfoods?

Frankenfoods are items that come in some sort of packaging. They have more than one or two ingredients listed. They have ingredient names that you cannot pronounce, have never heard of, and couldn’t grow or hunt or catch in the wild. Frankenfoods typically have a pretty long shelf life. They are commonly found in the middle aisles of the grocery store, at fast food chains, and convenience stores. 

An easy way to “test” if something is a Frankenfood is to ask yourself, while looking at the ingredients panel, “could my great-grandmother have made this at home?” The answer will most likely be “no”. Real food is grown in the wild outdoors. Frankenfoods are manufactured in a facility or lab.

The One Thing

This one thing can truly lead to better health for all individuals. It is the first step to healing any chronic condition. Just this one simple change can lead to major results for pretty much everyone. It is the one thing I will recommend as a coach to anyone who asks for advice on how to eat better.

By eliminating processed foods and frankenfoods, we make room for more of the good stuff: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and quality meats and seafood. It doesn’t matter what sort of dietary theory you prescribe to, eating more of any real food and getting rid of frankenfoods is going to help!

When you visit the grocery store, only enter the produce section and the meat/seafood section. Fill your cart with fresh foods; foods that will go bad if you don’t eat them or freeze them right away. This is the way our great-grandmothers used to do it. Bonus points if you shop at the farmers market or grow it yourself!

Support For Doing The One Thing

Change is hard. I know because I’ve been there. Have you been relying on processed foods and frankenfoods for a long time? Are you concerned that you won’t know how to easily feed yourself or your family without a few packaged foods? (They are so convenient, I know.) That’s ok. We’ve been trained by tricky marketing schemes to think that we need these foods and that they are good for us. It will take some time to undo that way of thinking.

I know so many people who understand this concept intellectually but have yet to apply it to their actual life. Then they wonder why they can’t lose weight or why they keep experiencing these weird and unrelated symptoms or why they keep getting sick.

My desire as your Transformational Nutrition Coach is to help support you in the process of applying this simple principle. I have all kinds of great tools to help you ditch the frankenfoods once and for all and begin filling your plate with life-giving foods. Or as I like to call them, real foods. Together, we can work together to transform your life with the power of real food.

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