A Life of Meaning through Location Independence

A Life of Meaning through Location Independence

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating my lifestyle and the goals I hope to achieve by how I live my life. I’ve struggled with the thought that there has to be something more to living an adult life than just “work, eat, sleep, repeat”. Observations of others (and myself) have shown me that this sort of life isn’t fulfilling for me.  As I’m nearing my 30th trip around the sun, I often think to myself that I don’t want to wake up one day and wish I had been so much more. This leads me to wonder how to live my life, right now, such that I feel everyday fulfillment. I’m not necessarily searching for fulfillment in some grand act or adventure. For me, it’s more about making each day meaningful in simple ways.


About a year ago, I sat down and really thought about the structure in which I live my life. I began to let my imagination run wild with ideas about how to integrate more meaning into my everyday life.  


How could I break down barriers and do away with certain structures to allow for more life to be lived?

How could I find more meaning with less? Less space, less stuff, less consumption?

Where would I go and how would I fill my days if I weren’t tied to one place?

Is there a way to force myself to always be growing by continuously stepping out of my comfort zone? How do I get there?

How do I meet more people who are asking these same questions? I want to be a part of that community!


Naturally, I began to experiment. I spent months paring down my physical possessions and saving money. I experimented with living a location independent lifestyle by traveling as much as possible. It didn’t take long for me to be totally convinced that I was meant to travel full-time. The pure joy that I found in going anywhere, meeting new people, trying new things, gave me my answer.


So I bought an RV!


It was a challenging process as I hemmed and hawed over what to buy, what size, new or used, and so on. Not to mention the learning curve of operating one of these vehicles! I began to feel totally overwhelmed. Then I finally realized that if this was my path, that if I placed my trust in the Universe, the right one would find me.  And it did!


Meet Traveler!

Meet Traveler!


I believe there is a heck of a lot to a name. It seems natural that someone who loves to travel and wants to travel more might name her RV “Traveler”. But there is quite a bit more to it than that, even though by itself that name is already very fitting.


USC TravelerThe make of my particular Gulf Stream RV is “Conquest”. When I laid my eyes upon the front of this white beauty, with “Conquest” printed across the top, I knew at that moment that this was the RV for me.  You see, as a loyal USC alumnus, the name “Conquest” invokes a lot of emotion because it is the song played by the Trojan Marching Band for our beloved mascot, Traveler. Traveler is a majestic white horse that is ridden by a Trojan warrior… do you see the symbolism there?


Many have asked me how long I plan to nomadically travel the country and the truth is, I have no idea. For me, this isn’t about traveling to a certain number of places or fulfilling a bucket list. There are many reasons for this change that extend beyond traveling, although the traveling is a big part too. This is about redesigning my life to bring more meaning to each and every day.


Finding Meaning in Every Day

How do I plan to do this? Through small, simple, everyday acts guided by the following intentions:

Simplify. Simplify.ISimplify.

Everyday Adventures. Adventures Every Day.

Conscious Consumption

Make New Friends through Authentic Connection

Seek New Experiences

Expand the Comfort Zone

Always Learning. The World is an Open Book.

Keep Exploring

Grow to Infinity

Go Outside

Less is More

Slow Down & Pause

Just GO!

Let go of the Outcome, Embrace the Journey


(You may recall some of these ideas from my 2018 Intentions)


What does all this mean for you as part of my tribe?


For the near future, I don’t expect any drastic changes. I will continue to publish blog posts regularly. I will continue to provide Transformational Nutrition Coaching, as I have been doing, via video chats. However, if I’m going to be in your area and you would like to meet in person for a coaching session we can certainly make that happen, too! (Just send me a note.) There will probably be a few more healthy travel-related posts as well as specific city guides. I definitely want you to benefit from my travel experiences!


I will continue to develop and share recipes with an emphasis on simplicity in the kitchen. While I do have a kitchen in my rig, it is significantly smaller than any other kitchen I’ve ever worked with.  But you can bet that my health will remain my #1 priority! This will result in me sharing how it doesn’t take much to be able to prepare and eat healthy, nutrient-dense meals, no matter where you are.


Lastly, this entire process is about growing myself as a human being. It is my hope and joy to share this journey with you so that we can grow together. At the end of the day, this community and this growth are what matters more than anything. As always, I’m humbled to be here with you and to share in our journeys. Here’s to living your most meaningful life!


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, I love hearing from you! Spread the Love and share this post with someone!

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  1. Martha says:

    I am excited about this new journey you will be on. I love the open road, there is so much out there to enjoy! I look forward to your blog, as you discover life in your new RV home!!

    • mphene says:

      Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to it and sharing all the adventures too! It’s going to be an awesome ride! Thanks for reading <3

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