Traveling doesn’t need to be an unhealthy experience. Likewise, healing diets don’t have to exclude you from exploring the world! This ebook shares my strategies and tips for eating healthy, real food while traveling in Perú. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Machu Picchu, this ebook will help you make the trip of a lifetime a reality!


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What we put in our body has a drastic effect on our overall wellbeing.  It affects our mood, weight, skin, digestion, sleep, and so much more.  And it doesn’t have to be difficult to eat delicious, Real Food!

To help you get started, I want to gift you 45 amazing recipes that are sure to fill you up with all the nutrients your body craves!

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My migraines have virtually disappeared!

I’d been a longtime migraine sufferer and once I began working with Marcelle and adopted the Paleo way of eating, my migraines have virtually disappeared. I’ve found that I could quit taking prevention medications that I had been on for years. In the past, I’d tried acupuncture, Botox, and various medications to prevent or relieve migraines with only limited success. Her approach to eliminate potential triggers that may be compounding on each other worked!

Marcelle listened to my issues and developed a plan that would work for me. She is well-informed and intelligent about the Paleo way of eating. It was easy to trust her since she had also been a migraine sufferer and found help with Paleo.

Through working with Marcelle, I am now nearly migraine free and no longer have to think about when the next one may come. And I’ve even lost some weight! It used to seem the weather change was my big trigger, but now I don’t worry about the weather!

In just 12 weeks, Marcelle has given me the tools I need to continue on the path we created.  I would absolutely recommend working with Marcelle to others who suffer from migraines!

Lisa M.

I feel younger than I have in 10 years!

I came to Marcelle regarding stomach pain/issues and wanting to lose weight as well. To date, I have lost 32 pounds and my stomach pains have disappeared. I feel more energetic and am able to do any movement I choose including taking up roller skating, which my husband and I now do on a weekly basis. Before I worked with Marcelle, I was told by my naturopath I was verging on a “fatty liver”. Now my liver is healthy and working well. I feel younger now than I have in the last 10 years!

I have much gratitude and respect for Marcelle and how she works with her clients. She’ll ask what you want to work on and assist you to reach your goals. Marcelle is organized, professional, supportive, and easy to work with. She always has helpful hints, recipes, support, and feedback to give. I would recommend Marcelle’s services to friends, family and/or co-workers.


Kathleen S.

Gut pain healed by making the connection to nutrition

My problems centered around gut pain and how my diet affects that. This was particularly challenging because I didn’t have a very good understanding of nutrition and the relationship between food and health, particularly gut health. Marcelle was instrumental in helping me understand those dynamics and guiding me towards better choices.

After working with Marcelle, I have experienced an overall sense of improved health and wellness. My connection to food is much more developed, meaning that I appreciate food on a level I hadn’t before.  Moreover, I recognize the direct link between what I put in my body and how I feel, which is somewhat revelatory. This is a motivator to keep going. Marcelle’s expertise and experience allowed me to stay on course, gain the knowledge I needed, while at the same time avoiding pitfalls that I never could have avoided left to my own devices…no matter how much time I spent online.

Marcelle is a pleasure to work with both personally and professionally. Personally, she brings a youthful enthusiasm with her bright and accessible personality that is at once disarming and persuasive. Professionally, she possesses a rare combination of professional and experiential knowledge. She’s personally “been there/done that” with her own health and gut issues, and this makes all the difference in the world to her coaching.

I would absolutely recommend working with Marcelle and already have! Marcelle is able to provide the services that a client is looking for, at a reasonable rate, with maximum convenience, and with an attitude that is a joy to work with.

Charles P.

Highly recommend for health coaching

Marcelle, a patient of mine, has had her own health issues that she overcame. In doing so, she has learned so much about health and well-being. She’s become an expert on her own in addition to her certification in nutrition coaching.  Marcelle is someone I would highly recommend for nutritional guidance, meal-planning, and health coaching.

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Energizing Chaga + Maca Smoothie
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Provençal Sautéed Cabbage
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Brazil Nut Cacao Smoothie
Brazil Nut Cacao Smoothie
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