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What we put in our body has a drastic effect on our overall wellbeing.  It effects our mood, weight, skin, digestion, sleep, and so much more.  And it doesn’t have to be difficult to eat delicious, Real Food!

To help you get started, I want to gift you 45 amazing recipes that are sure to fill you up with all the nutrients your body craves!

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Mindful Eating
Mindful Eating
Have you ever had the feeling that you just ate a lot of food and you weren’t even really hungry?  Did you just demolish an entire meal without really tasting a single bite?  It’s...
Mind & Body Nourishment in Seattle
Mind & Body Nourishment in SeattleA guide to nourish yourself in Seattle, WA
(Click each pin for more information) Seattle is a beautiful city, surrounded by water and mountains, it breathes so much fresh air and life into the area!  All of the water, beautiful evergreens and...
Nutrition Self-Experiment: Conclusion
Nutrition Self-Experiment: Conclusion
This weeks brings the conclusion of my Nutrition Self-Experiment. After much deliberation, I have decided to end my experiment earlier than anticipated. A week ago I left my ‘home base’ to embark on a...

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